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I’m a Software Engineer who, in some crowds, could also pass as a DevOps or Ops Engineer. I almost compulsively wants to stay up-to-date on new technologies and best practices, believe that everything you have to do more than once should be automated, and am thus often seen writing tools to achieve his dreams. Probably in Go. I like Go.

For the past ten years I’ve worked at Snowfall where I’m currently a Lead Software Engineer on their Junction platform. Previously I was a Lead Software Engineer on Snowfall’s inflight connectivity platform, used by over 40 airlines worldwide, as well as Lead Software Engineer on a major airline’s (at the time) new mobile platform. This includes everything from architecting the systems and APIs, provisioning and configuring servers, integrating against firewalls, access controllers and legacy systems - and, of course, writing a lot of code.

Due to our clients mostly being airlines and other companies within the travel industry, I’ve developed a vast knowledge about that industry throughout the years. I’ve also written integrations against all major GDS systems, as well as various frequent-flyer programs and other airline-owned APIs.

At Snowfall I mainly work with the languages Python, PHP and Go, as well as way too many methodologies/technologies/practices throughout the years to list here - but some I particularly enjoy at the moment are Docker, gRPC, CI/CD and OpenAPI.